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Get Help With Finding Housing

We accept applications for our CHAMP program for Camp Fire survivors.

ALL openings for housing now are now filled via the coordinated entry systeM.
CAll 211 to be entered into this system. 

If you are homeless and need housing, call 211 and ask to be entered into the "Coordinated Entry System", and ask to be assessed for a vulnerability index score. 

If you are not currently homeless but need affordable stable housing, call 211 to find out about local housing resources. 

As of October 1st, 2022, all openings for Housing Now will be filled using the Coordinated Entry System, which is a database for folks needing housing in Butte County used by organizations throughout the county, including CHAT, to place folks when they have openings. 

We're making this change to use Coordinated Entry applications instead of direct applications to CHAT to streamline our processes as well as to increase the transparency and fairness in the application and selection process. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this important change to our selection process.

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