A landlord-incentive program to help house CampFire survivors


CampFire Housing Access Model Program

  • We offer incentives to landlords to lease their properties to Camp Fire survivors, including a cash incentive signing bonus of $500 for the landlord, a $4000 fund for damage reimbursement, and case management and mediation services for the first year of renting.

  • We work with tenants who are seeking their own housing and who have income sufficient to pay rent but who need assistance to be able to qualify or assistance with security deposit and rental application fees and/or have not been able to find a landlord willing to rent to them.

  • If you would like to lease a rental to a CampFire survivor who needs housing, call our CHAMP program coordinator at 530-517-5534.

  • As of June 2021 we've helped 80 households get into residences through this program, with 94 others who are signed up but haven't found housing yet.

  • This program is funded by grants from the California Community Foundation, the Butte Strong Fund from North Valley Community Foundation, Global Giving, and the United Way of Northern California.

If you lost your housing in the CampFire and are currently seeking rental housing, we invite you to apply to CHAMP:

You only need to fill out one form, either online or the printout. For more information, please call our CHAMP program coordinator at 530-517-5534.

News for Property Owners:


4/7/2020: On April 6th 2020, the Judicial Council, the policy-making body of the California Courts, adopted an emergency court rule that effectively stops all evictions, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Click here for a summary article from the Western Center on Law and Poverty,


1/4/2020: Assembly Bill 1482 went into effect on January 1, 2020. This new law caps annual rent increases in California at 5% plus Consumer Price Index and requires landlords to have "just cause" in order to evict tenants. Click here for more information on the California "Rent Cap & Just Cause."