CHAT's Furniture Warehouse

Our furniture warehouse provides furniture & household goods for dozens of people every year.

​5/31/2022: We are not currently in need of any furniture donations. ​We are in the process of spring cleaning. If you have furniture items you'd like to ​share with your community, we can recommend the Show Love store on Park Ave, or The ARC Store, also on Park Ave. ​We will share a wish list of donations soon.

Thank you for thinking of CHAT!

We operate a furniture warehouse in Chico for our residents, most of whom were homeless or lost everything they owned in one of our recent wildfire events. After we moved our first family into the first residence, we realized that they would need more than a place to live in order to create a home, they would also need furniture and other housewares. Nothing like that existed in Chico so we rented our own warehouse and started taking in donated furniture and giving or loaning pieces to new residents as needed. We now have one of the largest furniture warehouses in Butte County and we supply furniture to other housing agencies throughout the county.

This is an essential service for folks who may be coming from homelessness, a shelter, or a domestic abuse situation. Useful basic furniture and essential housewares add to a sense of stability and safety for a household just getting back on their feet, and residents are enormously grateful for the furniture and housewares for their new homes.