Hand Up Supportive Housing

HUSH: Keeps Families Together

And Wraps Them In Support Services

Our program called "HUSH", or Hand Up Supportive Housing, started in Spring 2019. This program provides subsidized rental housing for families with minor children. CHAT selects for this program homeless families who are most in need, as shown by their placement on the Coordinated Entry list, ranked by the government's Vulnerability Index (VI-SPADT). 


The HUSH program is funded by the California HEAP program, or Homeless Emergency Assistance Program. Butte County received almost $5,000,000 of HEAP funding, and CHAT was the recipient of $455,000 of that funding. 


The goal of this program is not only to place people into housing, and assist with funding to cover a portion of their rent, but also to provide services to enable people to improve their housing stability so that after the two-year grant period is over, they will be able to afford to maintain their housing on their own.  The social services include weekly visits and guidance in budgeting, job readiness, goal setting, medical follow up, educational development, and learning to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.  CHAT also helps people get connected with services in the community that can help them with skills building, and helps them apply for any programs for which they may be eligible, such as veteran's benefits, or SSI.

Join the Team! Volunteer to Help Our HUSH Residents!

  • Delivering food to guests weekly

  • Friendship & Mentorship

  • Organizing events

  • Publicity and outreach

  • Transporting clients to appointments

  • Helping residents access support services

  • Empathetic listening

  • Home maintenance