Our main housing program!

We lease and buy multi-bedroom houses then sub-lease rooms to individuals at market-rate rents they can afford

Housing Now is our flagship program and it houses the majority of our clients. It fills a significant gap in affordable housing in Chico where we are able to lease multi-bedroom houses and then sub-lease the rooms to low-income individuals. We have found that many homeless people have some income but still need help in order to get housing and keep it.

How it works:

  • CHAT locates affordable multi-bedroom rental properties.

  • We develop and maintain relationships with sympathetic property owners.

  • We sign the lease, so the property owner is protected.

  • We make bedrooms available to residents at cost.

  • We provide supportive services like goal setting and financial management to residents who want them to enable them to succeed.

  • We provide free regular maintenance for the properties, frequently giving them better maintenance than they had previously.

If you would like to apply for housing with this program: 

Click here and fill out this online form.


Or print out the either of the PDF application forms below, fill it out, and mail it to us:

P.O. Box 4868
Chico, CA 95927

Do you have a rental property you'd

like CHAT to manage?


If you're interested in having CHAT master-lease your rental unit, as well as provide property management and provide guaranteed tenancy with qualified low-income individuals or families, contact our housing director at 530-520-6412. THANK YOU!

Join the Team and Volunteer with CHAT!

  • Delivering food to guests weekly

  • Friendship & Mentorship

  • Organizing events

  • Publicity and outreach

  • Transporting clients to appointments

  • Helping residents access support services

  • Empathetic listening

  • Home maintenance