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10/6/2022, Fresno Bee:
California homeless population grew by 22,000 over the pandemic


10/6/2022, Associated Press:
Amid end to COVID help, homelessness surging in many cities


10/6/2022, CalMatters:
California homeless population crisis grew steady over pandemic


10/5/2022, League of Women Voters of Butte County
Recording of the community forum “Homelessness: From Crisis to Care”


9/30/2022, Los Angeles Times:
California won’t forgive parking tickets for homeless after Gov. Newsom veto


9/28/2022, Los Angeles Times:
In groundbreaking plan, California allows affordable housing on some commercial properties

9/27/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT begins new emergency shelter construction

9/27/2022, Action News Now
After years of work, Everhart Village construction begins

9/16/2022, League of Women Voters
How to fund housing and homelessness projects in California

9/14/2022, CalMatters
California homelessness: How will CARE courts work?

9/12/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT fundraises for Everhart Village, expected to begin construction this week

9/11/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT’s approach is simple — and effective | Our service providers

9/1/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
VFW donation houses local veterans

8/31/2022, Chico News and Review
Best of Chico: Community

8/16/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Paradise nonprofit seeks public input on mixed-use housing, business project

8/12/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Applications open for affordable housing in Chico

8/8/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
“What works, what doesn’t’ Town hall explores mental health wellness recovery

8/7/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Torres Shelter continues transforming - and serving

7/31/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
A situation no town will ever “solve”

7/31/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
We’re all people, and facts are still facts

7/31/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
A BETTER PLACE: Chico sees success for some at Pallet Shelter, but homelessness persists

7/31/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Safe Space: a shelter for all seasons -- and people

7/27/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico adds pre-approved two-story ADU to list of free building plans

7/18/2022, North State Public Radio
Tiny homes for Chico’s unhoused

7/14/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT breaks ground on Everhart Village

7/8/2022, Scripps News Agency
How natural disasters, home prices lead to homelessness

7/7/2022, Action News Now
The Torres Shelter looks to continue high success of moving people out of homelessness

7/7/2022, Chico News & Review
Editor’s note: Reflecting ahead: Council majority shows blind spot for long-term implications

7/6/2022, KRCR-TV
Chico homeless shelter likely to hit max capacity as city creates fund to pay for it

7/6/2022, Chico ER
Pallet Shelters are filling up

7/6/2022, Chico ER
Everhart Village shelter site to break ground

7/6/2022, Action News Now

Chico sets up new fund to improve quality of life at homeless shelters

6/28/2022, Chico ER
Campers, advocates look forward to Pallet Shelter assessments

6/25/2022, Chico ER
Chico’s housing site reaches 2 months of operation

6/16/2022, Chico ER
Letter: Voting for people instead of parties

6/16/2022, KRCR-TV
Former retirement facility in Paradise repurposed into multi-family apartments

6/15/2022, Chico ER
Butte County makes progress towards lost housing

6/14/2022, New York Times
The long emergency of homelessness

6/13/2022, Butte County Continuum of Care (COC)
Point in Time Count 2022 Report

6/13/2022, Chico Planning Commission

Staff report on the housing element

6/9/2022, San Francisco Chronicle
The YIGBYs are back: Push to let churches build affordable housing on their land revived in California

6/8/2022, Chico ER
Chico council narrows down homeless campsite options

6/8/2022, KCRA
County leaders approve first tiny home site in south Sacramento

6/7/2022, US Interagency Council on Homelessness
What other cities can learn from Boston’s public health approach to homelessness

6/6/2022, KLCC/NPR
As Everyone Village grows, so does hope

6/1/2022, Chico ER

Chico toils with trailers as it plans next enforcement area

5/27/2022, Chico ER

True North Housing Alliance beings $400,000 fundraiser

5/25/2022, Chico ER

Butte county supervisors, Chico city manager talk Pallet shelter

5/24/2022, Chico ER

Clear outs begin for homeless camps in Chico

5/23/2022, Chico News and Review

CHIP, a Chico nonprofit, has spent the last 50 years helping local residents find a place to call home

5/22/202, The Guardian

The town at the center of California’s climate refugee crisis

5/21/2022, Chico ER

86 People at Pallet shelter - more than half using services

5/19/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record:

Residents air grievances to council about specified homeless camps

5/19/2022, Action News Now

Redding city council moves forward with micro-shelter site

5/18/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Butte County point-in-time counts 1,006 people experiencing homelessness 

5/16/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Health insurance can now help some Californians find housing

5/16/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Women rebuilding the ridge: Habitat for Humanity hosts all-women crew

5/13/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

7-day warnings issued at homeless camps

5/13/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Alternate campsites for homeless announced

5/13/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico forecasts housing growth: 3,488 units needed through 2030

5/7/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Butte County services begin at Chico’s housing site

4/30/2022, Washington Post

Sacramento debates new approaches to homeless problem

4/28/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico’s housing site rules finalized - enforcement may begin when judge issues order Friday

4/28/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico shelter outreach, move-continues

4/26/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Moving in: People pack up camps, move to new homeless shelter

4/25/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico Pallet shelters get first occupant

4/22/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico’s Pallet Shelter site to open Monday

4/21/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Warren v Chico plaintiffs file dispute against city

4/21/2022: Chico Enterprise-Record

Bins at Humboldt, Lost parks alleviate trash

4/18/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Locals eat pancakes with CHAT

4/18/2022, Action News Now

Hundreds support “Pancakes with CHAT” this Easter weekend

4/15/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record
Senior affordable housing project in Oroville breaks ground

San Francisco Rations Housing by Scoring Homeless People’s Trauma. By Design, Most Fail to Qualify

4/4/2022, Action News Now
Chico is creating more than 1000 affordable housing units to combat soaring house prices

4/4/2022, KRCR
Rent increases at Anderson trailer park angers longtime residents

4/1/2022, Los Angeles Times
L.A. will shelter more homeless people to end major lawsuit

4/1/2022, STV:
Glasgow and Manchester praised for efforts to reduce homelessness: New research found that Glasgow achieved its target of driving down city centre rough sleeping by 75%.

4/1/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record:
“‘This site ready to accept folks: Housing site progress continues through city manager transition”

3/30/2022, Action News Now
Glenn County, Orland, to get $8.7 million for housing project

3/23/2022, Action News Now
New Renewal Center will bring 100 beds for the homeless to Chico

3/23/2022, Action News Now
Delays are expected in the opening of the micro shelters at the old BMX site in Chico

3/22/2022, The Guardian
‘We have failed’: how California’s homelessness catastrophe is worsening

3/15/2022, Mt Shasta News

Mount Shasta man growing mullet again to fundraise for tiny house village in Chico

3/13/2022, KRCR-TV

“Mullet March” Mount Shasta resident raising money for Chico’s homeless population

3/11/2022, Chico News and Review

Shelter in the Spotlight

3/8/2022, Chico ER

Butte County program picks up excess food, donates to local nonprofits

3/3/2022, Portland Mercury

Homeless advocates announce goal to house 3000 unhoused Portlanders by 2023

2/28/2022, Sacramento City Express

Sacramento first city in California to win state “Prohousing Designation”



What happens in a Pallet shelter village


Veterans move into Pallet shelters

2/14/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico police help homeless veteran

2/9/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Jesus Center named service provider for Chico shelter site

2/9/2022, Action News Now

City of Chico: Jesus Center selected to run Pallet Shelter site

2/7/2022, NPR

Tiny homes, big dreams: How some activists are re-imagining shelter for the homeless

2/2/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Affordable housing development “Park Avenue” set to open in 15 months

1/31/2022, Action News Now

Chico homeless prepare to move as illegal camping enforcements loom

1/31/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

South Chico Community Assistance Center host first public food distribution event


1/30/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Homeless people show interest for emergency non-congregate shelter site

1/21/2022, Chico Enterprise-Record

Newsom has big plans to get rid of California’s homeless camps. Will they work?

1/20/2022 - Action News Now

Mayor Andrew Coolidge talks about Pallet shelter, homeless lawsuit

1/20/2022 - Action News Now

Video of Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge talking about the Pallet shelter project

1/15/2022, Chico Sol

Settlement ends lawsuit against City of Chico

1/15/2022 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Warren v Chico settlement details released


1/13/2022, Action News Now

Warren v Chico settlement document

1/13/2022, Action News Now

Settlement reached in Chico homeless lawsuit

1/3/2022 - KRCR-TV

Micro shelters for homeless coming to Redding 2022

1/01/2022 - Forbes

How the US criminalizes homelessness

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