Mercy House:
For Chronically Ill Residents Who Were Homeless

Mercy House: A Place For Hope

A partnership with Faith Lutheran Church of Chico

CHAT has long wanted to provide housing for the medically fragile individuals on our streets, and when we were approached by Pastor Ben Colahan of Faith Lutheran Church of Chico, we knew we had our answer. Pastor Colahan's mother offered to donate a home for CHAT to lease to medically fragile folks and we were able to arrange it pretty quickly and get some residents in there who were in danger of becoming more ill. We now have the house filled up with four lovely women who are all so grateful to be off the streets and finding some community in their own home. Members of Faith Lutheran Church and Chico synagogue Congregation Beth Israel will be providing assistance for the residents.

We are so blessed to be working with Faith Lutheran and Congregation Beth Israel. If your church or organization has a house they would like to lease to medically fragile folks and would like to collaborate with CHAT, contact us at