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Mission, Board, and Staff

Our Mission

The mission of the Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT) is to ensure that every person in our community has access to housing they can afford.

Board of Directors

Board President: Leslie Johnson

Ron Aker

Joaquin Crosby-Jordan

Linda MacMichael

Sheldon Praiser (Treasurer)​


​Robert Trausch (Vice President)

Kathy Weeks

Charles Withuhn


Executive Director: Nicole Drummond

Sharice Atkins

   HUSH Case Manager

Amber Benedict

   Social Services Director

Hannah Booth

   Volunteer Coordinator

Tommy Boswell

   Maintenance/Construction Lead

Caitlin Davis-Rivers

   Grants Coordinator

Jessica Diaz

   Wildflower Housing Support


Pedro Esparza

   Housing Support Coordinator -

   Housing Now

Kris Evins

   Property Manager

Yesenia Gallegos

   HMIS Data Coordinator

Amanda Gaylord

   Placement Coordinator

Jesica Giannola

   CHAMP Case Manager

Sarah Graham

   Development Director


Jennifer Haffner

   CHAT Associate Director

Jen Hendrick

   Assistant Property Manager

Bryan Hester

   Housing Support Coordinator -

   Housing Now

Jess Hiller

   CHAMP Case Manager

​Itzelt "Izzy" Lashley

   Housing Connections Supervisor

Arrow Jordan

   Maintenance/Construction Worker

Sawyere Lamontagne

   Housing Support Coordinator -

   Housing Now

Gary Lee

   Everhart Village Construction Manager

Theresa O'Connor

   Communications Manager

Caitlyn Patterson

   Everhart Village Program Manager

Jericka Roshell-Carson

   Housing Support Coordinator -

   Housing Now

Amanda Starkey

   Office Manager

Angel Taylor

   Lead Housing Support Coordinator for Housing Now

Cassi White

   Redwood Housing Case Manager

Norma Wilcox

   Housing Support Coordinator for Harmony House

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