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12/14/2019 - KOMO News

Tacoma's First Tiny Home Village for Homeless To Open Next Week

12/05/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

The Complicated Process of Handling the Death of a Homeless Person

12/05/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

California To Send Millions of Dollars to Cities to Combat Homelessness

11/29/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Woman Found Dead Off The Esplanade Bike Trail

11/28/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Rural Homelessness Faces Unique Challenges in Chico

11/26/2019 - The California Aggie

Sacramento Considers Building Tiny House Village For Homeless

December 2019 - Harper's Magazine

Gimme Shelter: The High Cost of Living in the Bay Area

11/13/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Letter to the Editor: Simplicity Village Deserves a Chance

11/11/2019 - People Magazine

Vet Offers Tiny Homes to Female Vets Who Struggle To Get Back on Their Feet

11/09/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Business owner moves forward with lawsuit against city, tiny home village

11/08/2019 -

Tiny Homes, Big Heart: Houses for Camp Fire, Kincade Victims

11/06/2019 -

How California Became America's Housing Market Nightmare

10/24/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Fifty Percent of Respondents in New Poll of Chico Residents Say Chico is on the Wrong Track, Most Cited Issue is Homelessness & Poverty

10/17/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Letter To The Editor from CHAT Supporter: Trying to Lighten the Rent Burden

10/12/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

League of Women Voters of Butte County Hosts Community Forum on Rental Housing

10/10/2019 - Chico News & Review

CN&R's Best of Chico: CHAT Named "Best Cause to Support"

10/07/2019 -

Denver City Council Passes Zoning Change to Allow For More Tiny-House Villages for the Unhoused

10/03/2019 - Chico News & Review

Conversation Starter: Councilmember Scott Huber's Day-Long Housing Conference Focuses On Affordable Housing

9/24/2019 - Chico Enterprise-Record

City Votes to Move Ahead with Tiny Home Village in Special Meeting

9/18/2019 - Now This News

Video: French Designer Creates Tiny Lightweight Igloos for Unhoused Folks

9/01/2019 - People Magazine

Oregon Woman Turns School Buses Into Tiny Homes for Homeless

8/11/2019 - Chico News and Review

Guest Commentary from City Councilmember Scott Huber: A Plan to Address Homelessness in Chico

8/29/2019 - Chico News and Review

Supervisors Vote to Adopt Program To Take on Homelessness: Cheers as Butte County Takes Over Continuum of Care

8/02/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Section 8 Voucher Holders Can't Find Housing Post Camp Fire

8/01/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico Planning Commission Rejects Appeal of Simplicity Village, Allowing Village Plans to Go Forward

7/26/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Tiny Home Gives Small Glimpse Of Big Project

7/22/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Church Makes Donation Towards Tiny Home Village

7/18/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

Butte County Snapshot of Homelessness Shows Increase from Camp Fire

7/17/2019, Butte County Continuum of Care

Point In Time count and survey of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population, conducted on March 28, 2019 (PDF)

7/15/2019, Chico Enterprise-Record

CHAT Member Receives Check for Tiny House

7/11/2019, Chico News & Review

Displacements Continue

2/18/2019, NPR Morning Edition

Tiny Homes for the Homeless Get The Go-Ahead In the Wake of California's Worst Wildfire