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News articles about CHAT, Homelessness, &

Affordable Housing in Butte County


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12/30/2021 - NPR All Things Considered
How evictions impact tenants far beyond scrambling to find housing
12/29/2021, New York Times

The bill for my homelessness was $54,000

12/28/2021 - PBS NewsHour
What's behind rising homelessness in America?
12/23/2021, Action News Now

Cal Water Donates $200K to help build water infrastructure for its tiny home village


12/18/2021, Reveal podcast

Handcuffed and unhoused

12/2/2021, New York Times

A tiny home of one's own

11/26/2021 - Orange County Register

City of Costa Mesa ready to chip in $3.5 million to turn 2 motels into housing for homeless folks

11/16/2021 - Honolulu Civil Beat

Are tiny homes the answer to homelessness? Hawaii is giving them a try

11/15/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Affordable housing problem taking its toll on students working hard at higher education

11/03/2021 - KALW Public Radio
Tiny home village to open near Oakland's Lake Merritt

11/03/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Local group files to intervene in homeless lawsuit

10/07/2021 - Chico News & Reviw
Best of Chico: Community - CHAT wins "Best Charitable Cause"

10/07/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT holds public forum for Everhart Village

9/17/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Gavin Newsom abolishes single family home-only zoning in California

9/14/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Teen arrested in connection with Teichert Ponds killing

9/09/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Vigil held following death at Teichert Ponds

9/04/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
One Killed in Early Saturday Morning Shooting at Teichert Ponds

8/24/2021 - Action News Now
Chico Mayor Talks Plans to Clean Up Parks, Get Homeless into Shelters

8/24/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Nonprofit Demonstrates Temporary Homeless Shelters

8/11/2021 - Chico News & Review
Still in Crisis: Butte County Supervisors Extend Shelter Cris Declaration

8/7/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Documentary Explores Life of the Unhoused

7/28/2021 - Washington Post
Survivors of California's Deadliest Wildfire Haunted as New Blaze Nears: "I Can't Do It Again"

7/23/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record

Study Shows Chico Residents Making Less Than What's Needed

7/21/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Guest Commentary from former Chico Police Chief Mike Dunbaugh: Greater responsibility, understanding are past due

7/20/2021 - Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
Gov. Newsom in Sebastopol to spotlight $12 billion in state aid for homeless services, housing

7/19/2021 - Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom
Governor Newsom Signs Historic Housing and Homelessness Funding Package

7/9/2021 - Chico News & Review
Court Order: Stay (Judge England enacts a preliminary injunction against the city of Chico)

6/30/2021 - KCRA-Sacramento
Advocates respond to Sacramento mayor's plan to require housing homeless

6/9/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
New Temporary Shelters Arrive for Everhart Village

6/7/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Federal Litigation Gets More Time, Homelessness Czar Quits

6/7/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Butte  Strong Fund Approves $750,000 for Two Camp Fire Housing Programs

6/7/2021 - KRCR-ABC7 News
Tiny Homes Arrive for Everhart Village in Chico, One Step Closer to Opening by the Fall

6/4/2021 - Action News Now
5 CHAT Tiny Homes for the Homeless Are Almost Complete

5/31/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
New Chico Street Outreach Group Draws Local Scrutiny

5/31/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Council Quiet on Homelessness Case, Prompting Community Protest

5/21/2021 - Sacramento Bee
Sacramento CA Identifies Sites for Homeless Shelters, Camps, Tiny Homes

5/19/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico City Council Approves Spending CDBG Funds on Sheltering Options (CHAT granted $280,000 for our HUSH program)

5/21/2021 - Sacramento Bee
Sacramento CA Identifies Sites for Homeless Shelters, Camps, Tiny Homes

5/19/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico City Council Approves Spending CDBG Funds on Sheltering Options (CHAT granted $280,000 for our HUSH program)

5/10/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Federal Judge Grants Extension of City, Legal Services Hearing to June 11

5/08/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Anxiety, Fear, and Hope on Homelessness Split Open in Committee Forum

5/07/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Business Owners Share Concerns for Impacts of Homelessness

5/07/2021 - Naomi Klein in a special report for The Intercept
A Climate Dystopia in Northern California

5/06/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Police, Fire Representatives Discuss Campground Possibilities

5/04/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Advocates for Unhoused Residents Tell Chico Council They Want Solutions

4/30/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Community Members Share Opinions on Sanctioned Camping Area

4/28/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Mayor Creates Homeless Solutions Committee To Respond to Local Crisis

4/28/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Reaction: People Living in Park Talk Options After Restraining Order Extended

4/27/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Survey Asks People Without Homes How They Get Their Meals

4/26/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Transcript of Bobby Warren, et al., against City of Chico, et al.: "It's about what the law is'

4/20/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Seeking Solutions From the Top and On the Ground for Butte County Homelessness Crisis

4/12/2021 -
The High Cost of Clearing Tent Cities

4/12/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
With Greenway Evictions Halted, Community Members Organizing Cleanup

4/12/2021 - Kaiser Health News via North State Public Radio
"Go Ahead and Vote Me Out": What Other Places Can Learn From Santa Rosa's Tent City

4/05/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Tiny Home Village for Chronically Displaced in Oroville Has Housed People for One Year

4/05/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Mercy House Offers Safe Housing For Several Unhoused in Medical Treatment

3/25/2021 -
How California Set Off a Backyard Apartment Boom

3/21/2021 - Sightline Institute
Yes, Other Countries Do Housing Better, Case 1: Japan

3/19/2021 - CapRadio
California's Homeless Population Rose 7% to 161,000 Ahead of the Pandemic, New Report Finds

2/12/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
CHAT Acquires Larger Warehouse To Expand Basic Needs Program

2/05/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Housing Market Opens 2021 With Tight Outlook

1/06/2021 - Community Solutions
Bakersfield and Kern County, California: A Functional Zero Case Study

1/03/2021 - Chico Enterprise Record
In a Housing Crisis, Service Providers Struggle to Find Property

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