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In our quarterly newsletters

We've got the news!

We publish newsletters four times a year with news about CHAT residents and behind the scenes with the folks who make CHAT work.


We mail a copy of each newsletter to all donors for whom we have a mailing address and we distribute them to other locations around Chico.

Read our current newsletter, Winter 2023, below! 

Or click here to view as a downloadable PDF.

Previous Newsletters:

WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg1.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg2.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg3.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg4.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg5.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg6.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg7.jpg
WINTER 2023 NL FINAL-Pg8.jpg
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