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Overview of

Our Housing Programs

We have two housing programs you can apply for directly: CHAMP for Camp Fire survivors, and Housing Now for everyone else.

  • Anyone in need of housing can apply directly for Housing Now (#1 below).

  • Anyone who is a Camp Fire survivor in need of housing can apply to CHAMP (#3 below).


If you need housing immediately, call 211 and ask to be entered into their Coordinated Entry system.

If you own some rental property and would like CHAT to manage the property and rent it out to a qualified low-income individual or family, please contact our housing director at 530-520-6412.

Your privacy is important to us and all of your information is kept private. Click here for our client privacy policy.


  • Housing Now: This is our main program where we rent rooms in houses or apartments to individuals and families and we provide access to supportive services and case managers.  This program covers the majority of the people we serve.

  • Redwood Housing: In this program in cooperation with CSU-Chico, we master-lease multi-bedroom houses and lease out the individual bedrooms to CSU students who are low-income or homeless. We do not take applications for this program directly but students in need of emergency housing should contact the Chico State Basic Needs Project at CSU and may be referred to CHAT.

  • Everhart Village: This is a proposed project in coordination with the County of Butte Behavioral Health Department where we're planning to develop a emergency shelter village with sleeping cabins for Behavioral Health clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We're hoping to be able to open it by mid-2022.

  • Tiny Home Village Proposals: We're continuing to develop proposals for tiny home villages so that everyone in Chico is able to have safe and affordable housing.

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