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Janis Joplin's 75th Birthday Extravaganza Saturday, January 20 at 7 PM Trinity United Method

Rock out with a night of live women's music with a host of local women singers, backed up by the Living Karaoke Band. You'll be amazed by all the incredible talent we have in our community. Highlighting the music of Janis, and the sounds that influenced her, and were influenced by her. Featuring the Bethel AME Choir, LeAnne Cooley, Vera Bridges, Kathy Slater, Anna Meehan, Tanya Torst, Sally Mendez, Kelsi Fossum-Trausch, Katie McConnell, Collin Wiley, Fama, Barbara Burns, Samaria Arnold, and Sherri Quammen, There will also be birthday cake, snacks available for sale, and a silent auction. Hope to see you there!


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