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Our Amazing Food Team Volunteers

At CHAT, we do our best to support and nurture the folks who come to our housing. One way we do this is our with weekly food distribution, headed up by CHAT Board member Kathy Weeks, seen here in the dark blue jacket in front. Every single Saturday our volunteer food crew picks up donated foods from Trader Joe’s, sorts them into boxes for each household, then delivers them to each of our 36 houses. These donated food items include fresh produce, meat, pre-packaged salads, bread, eggs, and more.

Also, every other month, the food distribution team sorts and deliver 150 bags of non-perishable items from the Chico Food Project’s “blue bag” program to CHAT residences. Our volunteers do an extraordinary amount of work to make this all happen and we're always looking for more helpers - please click here to volunteer:! Thank you to everyone who volunteers with us!

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