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Opportunity Village (Eugene)

Opportunity Village (Eugene)

CHAT Simplicity Village
Tiny Homes = Big Benefits
A planned tiny house village for unhoused seniors in Chico, CA

Nov. 11, 2019: Business Owner Files New Lawsuit Against the City of Chico and the Planning Director


Payless Building Supply owner Frank Solinsky recently filed a lawsuit against the City of Chico and the city planning and community director regarding  Simplicity Village (article at Chico ER). 

CHAT feels that each community needs to do its part to develop creative and pro-active solutions, if we are to address homelessness successfully. Tiny house villages are one solution. They provide affordable housing for people who simply cannot afford to rent a home at market prices. Simplicity Village will have 33 tiny houses, with shared amenities. The City has determined that this project is a good plan, and a good fit for the neighborhood, and CHAT is confident the City's decision rests on solid legal ground. We look forward to a quick resolution to this lawsuit, and to getting started with this great project.

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