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We're looking for beautiful and creative images on the theme of "Housing for All" for the back of our next t-shirt. Your image might be the one!
Cash prizes too!
$300 for 1st place,
$200 for 2nd place, &
$100 for 3rd place!

Deadline for submissions is
August 10th, 2021! Details below!

The details:

We're looking for one or more images on the theme of "Housing for All" for the back of a t-shirt and possibly some other items. Submit your image (or images) in a roughly square design, using no more than three colors, to by August 10th. Submit as many images as you want. We're planning on selecting the best dozen or so submissions and displaying prints of them at selected venues for the public to vote on after the August 10th submission deadline. Winners will be announced in early September!

The top three winners will need to sign over the right to the image for us to it on a t-shirt. We will include your name and website or social media handle anytime we use the image. The first place winning image will be used on the back of a t-shirt that we'll make available for sale at events and on our website, and the second and third place winners may also be used for t-shirts. We may use any of the top three designs for other items like calendars, flyers, coffee mugs, etc. If we use your design for t-shirts or any other items, we'll give you one of each of those items on which your design is used for free.

Please do not send images based on Canva templates. Canva's terms of use prohibit commercial uses of images based on their templates.

THANK YOU to everyone who submits a design and shares the word about this contest!

We can't wait to see what our community comes up with!

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