A Dream of a Tiny Home Village:

Proposals for Low-Cost Housing Options for Seniors in Chico

Simplicity Village was our proposal for a tiny-homes village for previously unhoused seniors. Unfortunately we've had to drop the proposal for Simplicity Village at Notre Dame Ave due to a lawsuit from another member of the community, but we're deeply committed to a tiny homes village or some other low-cost alternative housing model at another location

We are looking for an acre or more of land in or near Chico to put our tiny homes village on. If you have some property you can donate, lease, or sell for a tiny homes village, please contact CHAT Executive Director Leslie Johnson: 530-518-9992.

Some possible tiny homes options:

  • Tiny houses with a community building

  • Conestoga huts - quick and lightweight

  • Cobb houses - materials are cheap and readily available, houses are well insulated

  • Or many other possibilities!


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