A Dream of a Tiny Home Village:

Proposals for Low-Cost Housing Options in Chico

Simplicity Village was our proposal for a tiny-homes village for unhoused seniors. Unfortunately we had to drop the proposal for the village at Notre Dame Ave due to a lawsuit from another member of the community, but we remain deeply committed to a tiny homes village or some other low-cost alternative housing model at another location


We are looking for an acre or more of land in or near Chico to put a tiny homes village on. If you have some property you can donate, lease, or sell, please contact CHAT Executive Director Leslie Johnson: 530-518-9992.

Some options we're working on:

  • Tiny houses with a community building

  • Conestoga huts: quick to build and lightweight!

  • Cobb houses: materials are cheap and readily available, houses are well insulated

  • Many other possibilities! Contact us if you have some ideas!