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CHAT Videos

Stories from CHAT's video team about our residents, our work, & our history

We're working all the time to find new houses, create new housing programs, get more people into housing, and make more alliances with local organizations. These short videos showcase our residents, our houses, and our mission.
Videos produced by Respectful Revolution.

April 2021: We're delighted to announce our "Many Programs of CHAT" video. We've been documenting our progress at providing truly affordable housing to low income and unhoused citizens in the past seven years., starting with our flagship program, Housing Now, followed by Harmony House, HUSH, CHAMP, Redwood Housing, Veterans House, and Mercy House, plus the planned Everhart Village, and our support programs for residents with our donated-furniture warehouse program and our food distribution program. This is what a few determined and extremely compassionate citizens can achieve when people fall through the cracks then get lifted up.


5/05/2020. Running Time: 6:37

CHAT News: Spring 2020 Update

12/05/2019. Running Time: 5:15

CHAT News, Ep. 17: Giving Thanks for a Roof At Last

Pretty much everyone loves THANKSGIVING: families coming together, the amazing food, the atmosphere of gratefulness while reconnecting... However for some, being able to come together, enjoy a great meal and express gratitude takes on an all new meaning. In this sweet video, meet many of the grateful residents of CHAT's amazing HOUSING NOW program.

11/14/2019. Running Time: 5:38

CHAT Portraits: The Harwood Brothers

WIth our 2nd CHAT (Chico Housing Action Team) video portraits of people who are or have been on the street, meet the HARWOOD BROTHERS and their family. The gentle pair might not have got the best hand in life to begin with, but they fell on serious ill luck before bouncing back thanks to CHAT's HOUSING NOW program in Chico, CA. With a house, jobs and money in the pocket, their prospect is now totally different. As Donald Harwood states: "if some higher-ups got to spend time on the street, maybe they'll get a better understanding of how terrible homelessness is."

11/7/2019. Running Time: 7:53

CHAT Portraits: Heidi, Victim of the Streets

RR is starting a new series featuring a mix of persons from Chico, CA and elsewhere, persons who have been housed or at still on the street. We want to show a variety of homelessness cases with the intention of replacing cliches with HUMAN FACES, of debunking prejudice-rooted misconceptions drummed up by people who fear or hate "the homeless" and paint them as dangerous drug-addicted criminals who choose to live on the street to cheat the system. We're starting today with the interview of a woman we met in a park South of Chico a few months ago. We had used snippets of her interview for a couple of videos already but we felt that she had so much more to say. And Hedi is extremely compelling. Leaving a person like her on the street in constant danger is beyond unacceptable.

10/28/2019, Running Time: 18:34

CHAT News Episode 16:

Haven of Hope on Wheels

Remember that camping trip when you couldn't wash yourself for three days? Now imagine yourself without the ability to wash yourself for... indefinitely into the future, without the ability to wash and change clothes... after spending a miserable night in the cold and at constant risk of being attacked and/or robbed? A compassionate man in Oroville, CA Pastor Kevin Thompson came upon this cruel reality one day and couldn't go on without doing something about it. With help from his wife Deborah, his family and his congregation, he went to task and here's what they came up with.

10/4/2019. Running Time: 9:29

CHAT News Ep. 15:

Tiny House Village for Homeless Seniors Gets the Vote With Passion, Information, and a Little Song

 "IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW SIMPLICITY VILLAGE WILL GO - PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART !". That's the advice of Anna Meehan, one of the multitude of concerned Chico citizens who, on September 24, 2019 spoke out against the appeal of the Simplicity Village.

8/15/2019, Running Time: 7:00

CHAT News Ep. 14: 

Is a Tiny House Village for the Homeless a Magnet for Transients?

The cliche CHAT goes after today is the fear-based notion that if you offer some sort of housing to people who have none, it will attract "HORDES OF ZOMBIE-LIKE HOMELESS" that will overtake your town.   Has CHAT's "HOUSING NOW" program attracted transients in the neighborhoods where its houses are located? What do neighbors think about VILLAGES FOR THE UNHOUSED that are already in operation elsewhere?

8/07/2019, Running Time: 10:13

CHAT News, Ep. 13: Battle of the Planning Commission of Chico, CA Over Tiny House Village for the Homeless

On August 1st, 2019 the Chico Planning Commission hears the appeal arguments from Rob Berry and Frank Solinsky, potentially derailing the Simplicity Village project.

7/27/2019. Running Time: 3:23

CHAT News, Ep. 12:

Chico Citizens Rally In Support of Tiny House Village

A CALL TO ACTION. Approved by the Chico City Council, CHAT’s tiny house "Simplicity Village" project has been challenged by a small but persistent NIMBY resident group ("Not In My Back Yard"). See what many local folks think about the idea of housing homeless seniors in a tiny house village.

6/06/2019, Running Time: 3:46

CHAT News, Ep. 11:

A Dream of a Tiny House Village

This is an abbreviated, 3-minute version of our EMERALD VILLAGE video that has already passed a quarter million views on YouTube in just over a month. This story is packed with the most convincing arguments in favor of providing affordable housing to people whose luck took a turn for the worse, more often than not for no fault of their own.

6/27/2019, Running Time: 3:10

CHAT News, Ep. 9: Fundraising for a Tiny House Village for Homeless Seniors in Chico CA

CHAT NEWS #9 came out as the GoFundMe campaign launched by the Chico Housing Action Team for its future Simplicity Village was nearing completion. Gary Lee walks us through the plan.

6/06/2019, Running Time: 3:08

CHAT News, Ep. 8:

A New House For A Homeless CampFire Family

Under the "right" wrong circumstances, ANYONE could end up homeless, meaning "deprived of a home" and having to wonder, as night falls, where they're going to be able to sleep. With wildfires multiplying it doesn't take much imagination to envision what could happen to... US! And in an environment where housing prices skyrocket the most humble, at-risk citizens are much more likely to fall off the social and economic bandwagon. This is exactly what happened recently to Jessica and her family.

Running Time: 5:19

CHAT News, Episode 6:

Raising Money for a Tiny House Village for the Homeless in Chico CA

In this 6th episode of "CHAT NEWS" we take you along on a roller coaster of beauty & generosity during one recent fun(d)raiser event for CHAT and its Simplicity Village project: a concert donated by the mesmerizing "Doin' It Justice Chorus" in Chico.

Running Time: 4:24

A Tiny House Village As Affordable Housing in Chico-Paradise

Featuring Bob Trausch, Gary Lee, Scott Huber, Pat Conroy, and the Aretha Franklin fundraiser.

5/10/2019. Running Time: 3:16

CHAT News, Episode 4:

What's Next With Simplicity Village

In Respectful Revolution's next episode of CHAT NEWS, both CHAT's Founding Member Bob Trausch and Randall Stone, the current Mayor of Chico, CA talk to us about the current housing crisis in the Camp Fire impacted area of Chico.  Featuring the CHAT booth at the 2019 Endangered Species Faire in Bidwell Park.

4/08/2019. Running Time: 2:18

CHAT News, Ep. 1: Housing the Unhoused in Chico, CA

Meet CHAT!

5/08/2019. Running Time: 3:08

CHAT News, Episode 3:

Tiny Houses, A Solution That Works

How to house people who can't afford the cost of housing that keeps spiraling up when their own incomes keep spiraling down...? Back in Chico, CA, Bob Trausch from C.H.A.T. (Chico Housing Action Team) shows us a property the organization just acquired to build a village for homeless seniors and takes us on an accelerated tour of tiny house villages in the Pacific Northwest.

1/03/2019. Running Time: 11:54

Voting on a Low-Income Tiny House Village in Chico, CA

Oh, that happy day when Simplicity Village was initially given the green light by the Chico City Council.

7/09/2019, Running Time: 3:51

CHAT News, Ep. 10:

Despite Successful Fundraising, Tiny House Village Faces Obstacles Yet Again.

With a fundraising campaign that ended up exceeding initial expectations by over 50%, and a little Fourth of July gathering to celebrate, the members of CHAT are feeling exceedingly grateful. But a battle to build the little village for homeless seniors looms.

6/17/2019, Running Time: 5:16

CHAT News, Ep. 7:

Do Tiny Villages Work To End Homelessness? LIHI's True Hope Village in Seattle

Are you curious to see what a successful tiny house village for the homeless looks like?  Here's one terrific example: "TRUE HOPE VILLAGE" in Seattle, WA. It is managed by the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI - pronounced "lee-high") that has been providing affordable housing throughout the Puget Sound for over 20 years.

Running Time:  2:19

CHAT News, Episode 5:

Why Is It Cheaper to House the Homeless?

In Episode 5 of Respectful Revolution's CHAT NEWS series, Chico CA Mayor Randall Stone and CHAT Funding Member Robert Trausch explain why it is strikingly cheaper to provide housing to people who've ended up on the street than to leave them there, which of course is also morally unacceptable. We are better than that now and CHAT is leading the charge to put an end to homeless in Chico, CA.

4/26/2019. Running Time: 2:57

CHAT News, Episode 2: Homelessness is Really Several Dire Humanitarian Crises

Meet Heidi who's interviewed here. Using a single word like "homeless" to describe a myriad of people forced to live on the street prevents the mainstream both from understanding what's really happening and from finding effective, tailored solutions to multiple crises. Heidi helps us understand that.

12/17/2018. Running Time: 9:56

Housing a Homeless Family Permanently - Betsy the Wonder Bus in Ashland, OR

Meet Julie Akins, a woman with a BIG DREAM and an even bigger heart. Julie thought that perhaps there was one solution in matching tens of thousands of solid decommissioned school buses throughout America with a growing segment of our population that just can't afford the rising cost of housing. She started with one bus and one sweet family of five.

12/01/2018. Running Time: 8:02

Hope Village in Medford, OR - A Transitional Tiny-House Village for the Homeless

Tiny houses as a transitional housing solution to homelessness is an idea that's most definitely catching on all around the U.S.. HOPE VILLAGE in Medford, OR is an impressive example of this, combining cute little houses and comfortable amenities with a program of social and professional re-integration that's entirely run by a charitable organization called Rogue Retreat.

11/16/2018. Running Time: 2:52

Tiny House Build-Off in Chico, CA: Building Tiny Shelters in 12 Hours

Featuring interviews from City Councilman Scott Huber and some of Chico’s finest builders, CHAT hosts its first-ever Tiny House Build-Off.

9/20/2018. Running Time: 4:08

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 10

What do members of their community think about CHAT and about the concept of its new "Simplicity Village" project...? Respectful Revolution asked some folks at CHAT’s “Moondance” fundraiser...featuring music from Chris Schadt, and others.

Running Time: 1:22

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 9

CHAT board member Charles Withuhn explains why he is ALWAYS at the Saturday Farmers Market! Includes a call to action for the public to come to an upcoming city council meeting where Simplicity Village hopes to be moved forward.

Running Time: 1:23

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 8

Meet Courtney Busch, a Chico State student and member of the CSU Tiny House Club!  Courtney explains why tiny houses make sense to her.

Running Time: 1:18

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 6

Megan recounts having to sleep in her car when plans to stay with friends fall through. 

Running Time: 1:41

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 7

Former CHAT Housing Director Sarah Thomas explains that Simplicity Village is being modeled after existing villages that work, and that it is a project that will be managed.

8/17/2018, Running Time: 1:14

A Tiny Big Solution to Housing Affordability in Chico, Ep. 5

A quick introduction to CHAT and what they do.  *Episode 5 is hosted by former Housing Director Sarah Thomas.

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