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The Power of Your Gift

With your support, CHAT is able to provide the life changing opportunity of stable housing to the members of the community. Your donations enable CHAT's vital work to continue. A cash donation is one of many ways that you could help us make a difference. See below for other ways to give support.

Ways to Give

You can support CHAT's mission through a variety of charitable gift methods. Click the buttons below to learn more about ways to give. 

Real Estate

We're constantly working to expand our supply of rental units. CHAT provides affordable housing at below market rates and relies on the availability of local housing stock to offer stable housing to residents. Why not consider leaving us bequest in your will or living trust?

Retirement Assets

You can donate retirement assets for charitable causes by making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an eligible IRA (individual retirement account).

Securities: Stocks & Bonds 

Increase your charitable gift and your tax deduction simultaneously. You can make a bigger impact with your donation of long-term appreciated securities.

In-Kind Goods & Services

CHAT gratefully accepts donations of assets such as cars, or professional services.


We always need donated furniture to help our residents set up their new homes.  We can pick up your furniture  by arrangement.  To arrange a donation, please send an email with a description of the items and a picture to

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