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Transitional Housing & Housing Support

Transitional housing refers to temporary housing that supports individuals or families in transitioning from homelessness or risk of homelessness to permanent housing. 

Housing support assists families in attaining and maintaining housing through landlord incentives and renter support. 

Our Programs

HUSH is a transitional housing program centered around families. CHAT works with all family members to provide safe housing and ensure that families are connected with community resources to help obtain permanent housing.  HUSH families register with supplemental food assistance and employment searches. HUSH children receive access to quality education, resources, and extracurricular activities.

Hands Up Supportive Housing

In collaboration with the Chico State Basic Needs Center, Redwood Housing houses up to 16 Chico State students who are at risk or are experiencing homelessness. Supported through graduation or program departure, Redwood residents are provided with support, case management, individual and house meetings, conflict resolution, education, and independent living skills. 

Redwood Housing

The CHAMP Family program serves eligible Camp fire survivor families by helping them secure housing. The program provides participants with up to 12-months of rental assistance alongside supportive case management to help break down circumstantial barriers that have made obtaining housing a challenge.

Camp Fire Housing Action Program

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