Volunteer And

Make a Difference!

We need YOU!

Our organization is almost completely volunteer driven and it's a great way to get more involved with the Chico community. We need help with:

  • mentoring and assisting our residents ("CHAT Helpers")

  • office and administrative tasks

  • communications: social media, taking pictures, finding articles, outreach, research

  • sorting, packing up, and distributing our weekly food deliveries

  • moving residents in and out of our residences

  • keeping track of utility use for our houses and finding ways to cut costs

  • home maintenance

  • researching and applying for grants

  • building tiny houses

  • if you've got some special skills we may be able to use those too

Click here to fill out a brief application.


After you apply we'll contact you and work with you to determine how best you can help. Thank you for considering us with your volunteer time. ​Read below for some of the areas we are currently recruiting volunteers for.  If you see something you're interested in, please apply!


CHAT Helpers: Part of our mission is to help connect people with social and medical services and to help them set life goals and then work towards those goals. We have a team of volunteers who work directly with residents on skill building, budgeting, nutrition, conflict resolution, medical issues, gardening, etc. These folks act as supporters, coaches, and mentors, and sometimes just as friends who can give sensible advice or lend an ear.  We currently have about 20 such volunteers and would welcome more so we could expand the range of services and support we can offer.

Office and Administrative Help: We would like some help with filing applications, making copies, submitting forms, and various other office and administrative tasks.

Communications: Outreach, Social Media, Research: We are always seeking to reach out to other allied and sympathetic organizations and would welcome those who enjoy that kind of work or those who have contacts with other organizations that may be allied with CHAT's mission. We also produce a constant stream of social media on Facebook and our website and would welcome anyone who wants to help take pictures of staff or who can recommend good articles to highlight for our supporters or do some light research to create interesting posts.

Moving Residents In and Out: We try to keep a small moving crew available to help quickly move residents in or out of any of our residences. Let us know if you have experience with moving  of if you're able-bodied and would like to help.

Home Maintenance: CHAT manages 36 residences and will be adding several more in the near future.  These homes are part of our Housing Now program and our brand new Hand Up program. Both of these programs provide housing for people that would otherwise be at high risk of not having a home.  We have a team of folks that can be called upon for a number of maintenance tasks these residences require from time to time.

Grant Writing and Administration: CHAT relies heavily on grant funding.  We have recently been awarded a couple of significant grants and are always looking for more.  If you have experience or just an interest in grant writing or grant administration we could use your help.

ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE! CHAT's work involves so many different kinds of tasks that almost everyone has something they could help with. If you don't see something that fits with what you think you can help with, apply anyway! We'll be glad to try to find a way for you to fit in.