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Everhart Village

Everhart Village is an innovative shelter project collaboration between CHAT and Butte County Behavioral Health. The village will provide sleeping cabins for 20 individuals who are existing BCBH clients and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Admission to Everhart Village will only be through Butte County Behavioral Health, i.e. no walk-ins will be admitted.

How to help Everhart Village

Thinking of helping sustain Everhart Village? There are multiple ways you can help support the success of this integral part of our community! 

Everhart Village Grand Opening!

"Part of the interesting thing is how innovative the project is because of the collaboration. There’s certainly tiny house villages, but the collaboration with the community is very unique."

Nicole Drummond, CHAT Executive Director

Our Services



Everhart Village will have 20 sleeping cabins with insulation, plumbing, heating, cooling, and electricity. Each cabin will have amenities including a toilet, a sink, a microwave, a mini-fridge, a bed, storage space, an air conditioner, a table with chairs, and a lockable front door.



Everhart Village will provide an innovative and intense collaboration with Butte County Behavioral Health through their REST program. Behavioral Health will lead the treatment of the serious mental illnesses of villagers. CHAT staff and volunteers will support villagers in adhering to their medical regimens.


Case Management

CHAT will provide case management and additional programs from case workers and volunteers to engage the villagers. The goal of case management is to connect villagers with other services, teach them self-care skills, and help them find and apply for permanent supportive housing.​

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