A planned shelter-units project for Butte County Behavioral Health clients. Planned opening for Fall 2021.

Fast Facts About Everhart Village

  • Everhart Village is a planned shelter-units project in Chico, CA, in collaboration with Butte County Behavioral Health (BCBH).

  • It's scheduled to open in late 2021 with up to 20 converted sheds with insulation, running water, and electricity. Everhart Village will have 24/7 security and a CHAT staff member will be on site at all times

  • CHAT will provide case management and additional programs to engage the residents, connect them with other services, and teach them self-care skills.

  • Everhart Village is for existing Butte County Behavioral Health clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Admission is by referral only, no walk-ins.

  • Everhart Village residents will be supported in adhering to their medical regimens while Behavioral Health will manage their treatment.

  • The goal for Everhart Village is to bring Behavioral Health clients in, stabilize them, treat them, and give them the support needed to move onto other housing and be successful in society.

On 7/21/2020, in cooperation with the County of Butte Departments of Employment and Social Services and Behavioral Health, we were pleased to announce a new emergency shelter project in Chico, dubbed Everhart Village. This shelter will be for very-low-income residents without housing who are clients of Behavioral Health and who need a safe place to stay to recover and stay healthy. Referrals will come only from Behavioral Health. We are working closely with the county and hope to have this open by fall of 2021.

We're looking forward to being able to help provide shelter for Behavioral Health clients who lack housing and we'll be working hard to raise the necessary funds to make this project a reality. Click here to see the full press release from the county.