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​From Homelessness to Housing:
Making a Difference In Chico Since 2013

​Chico Housing Action Team's mission is to ensure that everyone in our community has access to housing they can afford.

Kristen and daughter at Caper Acres in Chico

CHAT resident Kristen and her young daughter enjoying a Chico park


We have five major programs to help
fulfill our mission

Housing Now program

Through our Housing Now program, we master-lease or own approximately 70 residences in multi-bedroom homes and apartment buildings. We sub-lease the rooms to individuals, and we lease entire homes to families in crisis, all at market-rate rents. This program includes: the HUSH program for families in crisis that need a hand up; Redwood Housing for college students; Veterans Houses for veterans; Mercy House for folks with serious chronic illness, and our Harmony House and Wildflower House residences for folks with mental illness.

CHAMP program

Our CHAMP program provides incentives to landlords to rent to Camp Fire survivors, who may not have the credit or income needed to rent from traditional landlords. We've helped over a hundred Camp Fire survivor households get into housing they can afford.

Food distribution program

Every Saturday, our food program crew takes in food donations from local businesses and food banks, then sorts, bags, and delivers items to CHAT residences. This program is completely volunteer-run.

Furniture program

Our furniture warehouse program takes in donations of furniture, appliances, and housewares from local supporters and businesses at our warehouse, and we deliver them to residences as needed, and sometimes to other housing agencies in Butte County. This program is needed because many incoming residents to CHAT homes have little or no furniture or housewares of their own.


Everhart Village is a planned emergency-shelter project that is being developed in collaboration with Butte County Dept. of Behavioral Health. The project will consist of 20 sleeping cabins outiftted with electricity, plumbing, and insulation, on county property located within the city limits of Chico, near several essential service agencies. Residents will be clients of Butte County Behavioral Health and will be selected by that agency.



11/29/2022: What's happening at everhart village?

What's happening at Everhart Village? A lot of grading and digging! Construction crews are hard at work with grading the site and digging trenches for sewer and water lines. Our friends at Respectful Revolution made this fun video of the construction progress at Everhart Village this week for Giving Tuesday and we're delighted to share it with you. We are so excited about the construction making such great progress and can't wait til we can finally move the community center building in and the sleeping cabins. Stay tuned for more progress videos!

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Board members Bob Trausch, Alan Mittman, Charles Withuhn, and Leslie Johnson work on finding another property for a CHAT house.