From Homelessness to Housing:

Making a Difference In Chico Since 2013

Chico Housing Action Team's mission is to ensure that everyone in our community has access to housing they can afford.

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What CHAT Does:

We master-lease multi-bedroom homes, then sub-lease the rooms to individuals or lease entire homes to families, all at market rates.


We also provide the property maintenance, volunteers who provide emotional and life-skills support, and case managers who help provide access to services.


For CampFire and North Complex Fire survivors, we have a special program called CHAMP that provides landlord incentives to rent to fire survivors who may not have the credit or income to rent from traditional landlords.


We help create the stability people need to make progress in their lives!

CHAT resident Kristen and her young daughter enjoying a Chico park

There's FAR more demand for affordable housing in Butte County than available supply -
and that will likely be the case for years.

If you need help with finding housing or want to apply for CHAT housing,

see our Apply for Housing with CHAT page and don't forget to call 211.

If you know of a residence we might be able to lease or if you know of some land for purchase, email us at

​ If you'd like to be a part of helping move people into housing they can afford: Donate today, discover other ways to give, or volunteer with us!

April 2021: CHAT Signs Contract with Butte County for Everhart Village!


In early April 2021, CHAT signed the contract for Everhart Village with the County of Butte Departments of Behavioral Health and Employment & Social Services. Seen here are CHAT Executive Director Leslie Johnson with Don Taylor, the County of Butte Housing and Homelessness Administrator.


This tiny-home emergency shelter project will be exclusively for Behavioral Health clients who are un-sheltered and struggling to keep up with appointments and treatment plans. We hope to be able to open Everhart Village by late 2021.


Read the full announcement here.


Stories about CHAT Residents and homelessness in Chico

April 2021: The "Many Programs of CHAT" video is here! We've been documenting our progress at providing truly affordable housing to low income and unhoused citizens in the past seven years., starting with our flagship program, Housing Now, followed by Harmony House, HUSH, CHAMP, Redwood Housing, Veterans House, and Mercy House, plus the planned Everhart Village, and our support programs for residents with our donated-furniture warehouse program and our food distribution program. This is what a few determined and extremely compassionate citizens can achieve when people fall through the cracks then get lifted up.




We master-lease houses and apartments then sub-let to individuals & families, and provide social support and property management


Hand Up Supportive Housing: Subsidized housing with social services for families through state HEAP grant


A grant-funded program to incentivize landlords and help Camp Fire survivors with up-front costs for rental housing

Harmony House

For people with mental health issues who benefit from dedicated case management


Everhart Village

A planned shelter-unit project for Butte County Dept of Behavioral Health clients

Redwood Housing

For college students, in collaboration with CSU-Chico and Butte College


Veterans House

For homeless or

at-risk veterans


Mercy House

For homeless folks with serious medical conditions

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​Articles About CHAT, Housing & Homelessness in Butte County & California, and Tiny Homes for the Unhoused

6/9/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
New Temporary Shelters Arrive for Everhart Village

6/7/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Federal Litigation Gets More Time, Homelessness Czar Quits

6/7/2021 - Action News Now
Butte  Strong Fund Approves Two Grants to Help House Camp Fire Survivors

6/7/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Butte  Strong Fund Approves $750,000 for Two Camp Fire Housing Programs

6/7/2021 - KRCR-ABC7 News
Tiny Homes Arrive for Everhart Village in Chico, One Step Closer to Opening by the Fall

6/4/2021 - Action News Now
5 CHAT Tiny Homes for the Homeless Are Almost Complete

5/31/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
New Chico Street Outreach Group Draws Local Scrutiny
5/31/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico Council Quiet on Homelessness Case, Prompting Community Protest
5/21/2021 - Sacramento Bee
Sacramento CA Identifies Sites for Homeless Shelters, Camps, Tiny Homes
5/19/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Chico City Council Approves Spending CDBG Funds on Sheltering Options (CHAT granted $280,000 for our HUSH program)
5/10/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Federal Judge Grants Extension of City, Legal Services Hearing to June 11
5/08/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Anxiety, Fear, and Hope on Homelessness Split Open in Committee Forum
5/07/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Business Owners Share Concerns for Impacts of Homelessness
5/07/2021 - Naomi Klein in a special report for The Intercept
A Climate Dystopia in Northern California
5/06/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Police, Fire Representatives Discuss Campground Possibilities
5/04/2021 - Chico Enterprise-Record
Advocates for Unhoused Residents Tell Chico Council They Want Solutions

The CHAT Blog

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Three of our board members - Bob Trausch, Alan Mittman, and Charles Withuhn - and Executive Director Leslie Johnson, working on finding another property for a CHAT house.