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HOUSING NOW needs you - now!

Sheldon "chatting" with a CHAT-house resident.

Several weeks ago, you probably received an email telling you about the exciting expansion of CHAT’s Housing Now program, which currently includes 11 houses and 40 residents. Our program is designed to be largely self-supporting, through program fees paid by our residents. However, our continued growth has resulted in additional fixed costs, as well as some unanticipated expenses. CHAT is seeking your help to ensure the continued success of this unique and vital program.

In recent years many of you supported local non-profits like CHAT through the Annie B’s campaign. As you may be aware, this program now has been discontinued. However, in its place, CHAT is creating our own Let’s End Homelessness Campaign. It is our good fortune to have the support of some generous contributors who will match up to 100% of donations made to CHAT’s Housing Now program between now and the end of November.

Please take this opportunity to partner with us to provide safe and affordable housing for 40 people who, without this program, would very likely be homeless in our Chico streets and parks during the holidays, and all year round. Please be as generous as you can, to help us keep this program going for another year. You can donate online here, or donations can be mailed to:


PO Box 4868

Chico, CA 95927

Thank you very much for your kind support.


Sheldon, Bob, Stacey, Leslie, Will, Bill, Greg, Tom, Tina, Linda, Richard, Charles, and Ron, for the Chico Housing Action Team.

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