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Letter to the Chico Community Regarding CHAT's Housing Programs

Dear Chico Community,

There seems to be some misunderstanding about Chico Housing Action Team's (CHAT) programs. We want everyone to have the correct information about the two programs that have been mentioned in social media on a list of "shelter beds." Shelters are very important and desperately needed in Chico, but CHAT’s focus is permanent housing and CHAT has no "overnight only" or emergency sheltering programs at present.

1. The 175 people CHAT currently provides housing for are permanent residents who pay rent, live in their homes full-time, cook for themselves, and otherwise dwell in a house, apartment or duplex the same as anyone else. The difference is they are provided with support services from our case managers, friendship and encouragement from CHAT volunteers, and referrals to help them learn skills that will help them remain housed. CHAT currently has a backlog of 216 applications from homeless residents seeking permanent housing.

2. Everhart Village will be a tiny-house emergency shelter for approximately 20 Butte County Behavioral Health clients. Behavioral Health will refer clients to live in the village and provide them with mental health services. CHAT will build the village, maintain it, and provide case management and supportive services. However a great deal of infrastructure work has to be completed before people can move in. We are hopeful that clients will be able to move in by December 2021.

3. CHAT is not moving forward to rent the Town House motel property, because of challenges in reaching agreement on the terms of the lease and because of CHAT’s desire to keep its primary focus on permanent housing. We are still open to purchasing the Town House motel if we can reach an agreement with the owners. Also, we are continuing to look at other permanent housing options.

We hope this provides accurate information regarding CHAT's programs. We welcome any questions you may have. Please send us an email at Thank you for helping us share accurate information about our programs.

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