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Resources for Responding to the Local Fires

These fires are difficult for many people, so we've compiled a list of resources for folks who may be affected by the nearby fires physically or emotionally. Some resources that may help you or people you care about:

Heartstrings Counseling (Providing Telehealth Services during COVID)

Chico Creek Counseling (No referral needed. Accepts Medi-Cal & some other insurances.)

Ready For WildFire (Wildfire Preparedness)

Important Information re: Evacuation Warnings & Evacuation Orders:

  • It is important to remember that evacuating provides specific/additional challenges to vulnerable populations, including those with disabilities, elderly populations, those who do not drive, etc. These populations, those with several animals, those with young children, etc. may want to consider evacuating when still under an evacuation warning, rather than waiting for an evacuation order to be issued.

  • Evacuation routes can quickly become congested when several people in a community try to evacuate at once, leading to added stress during evacuations. Evacuation routes can also become blocked due to wildfires or downed trees/powerlines, so it is important not to wait until the last minute to leave, if this is possible.

  • Be sure to check your gas tank and try to have at least a half of tank of gas, if possible.

  • Take your dirty laundry basket, rather than the clean clothes in your closet, because these are the clothes that you tend to wear most often.

  • Change your voicemail to tell friends/family members were you are trying to evacuate to

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