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THANK YOU! YOU DID IT! Everhart Village Crowdfunding is a Success!

THANK YOU! YOU DID IT! You met our original crowdfunding goal of $100,000 for the road into Everhart Village, then you exceeded that by more than $25,000. This means the road into the village will be fully funded, and we will also now apply some funds towards the excavation work for sewer and electrical infrastructure. This is absolutely necessary work that's difficult to pay for with grants or other means.

We very much appreciate your patience with our repeated asks for donations during this campaign. Many of our long-time supporters understand how important this project is and may have donated automatically, but many other folks, especially new supporters, may need the repeated invitations to learn more about the project and take the plunge to make that first donation. This campaign received almost 350 separate donations with over a hundred of those being new donors, so we know that many of you told your friends and colleagues about it, which we are so grateful for.

This is one big step in the road to making Everhart Village a reality. There's a great deal of utility infrastructure to put in before the village can be opened, and we're currently planning on having it ready for clients by mid-2022. The community center building has been delivered into town, so we'll soon start building it out with meeting rooms, a kitchen, ADA-compliant bathrooms, a laundry area, and a lounge area. Leslie and Bob are shown below welcoming the new community center building to Chico.

We're so humbled and graced by your support and the support of the entire community. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, for bringing this project one big step closer.

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