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Volunteer with Residents

Work directly with the residents of CHAT properties to empower their independent living through move-in assistance or educational guidance.

Image by HiveBoxx

Volunteer Tasks Include

CHAT Helpers:

Part of our mission is to help connect people with social and medical services and to help them set life goals and then work towards those goals. We have a team of volunteers who work directly with residents on skill building, budgeting, nutrition, conflict resolution, medical issues, gardening, etc. These folks act as supporters, coaches, and mentors, and sometimes just as friends who can give sensible advice or lend an ear. 

Moving Residents In and Out:

We try to keep a moving crew available to help quickly move residents in or out of our residences. Let us know if you have experience with moving or if you're able-bodied and would like to help.

Register to Volunteer

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