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As of Oct.1st, Housing Now no longer accepting direct applications, will draw from Coordinated Entry

We're announcing a change regarding our Housing Now program, our main program where we master-lease multi-bedroom homes and lease the rooms to individuals at affordable rates. As of October 1st, 2022, CHAT will no longer accept housing applications for Housing Now directly from our website or through mail or email. Instead, CHAT will draw potential housing residents from the Coordinated Entry System, a database for folks seeking housing that housing agencies around the county use. We encourage anyone currently homeless, seeking CHAT housing, and with income sufficient to pay rent, to call "211" and ask to be entered into the Coordinated Entry System and assessed for a vulnerability index score. When someone calls 211, they will be asked a series of questions and given a score based on their specific situation, which helps us determine eligibility for existing openings. When you call 211, please be sure to have a reliable phone number so we can reach you. We're making this change to streamline our system and increase clarity and fairness in the application process. We appreciate your understanding with this change. Please note that Camp Fire survivors can still apply online or via written application for assistance through our CHAMP program.

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