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Bob Van Fleet Brings a Wealth of Experience to the CHAT Board

We're pleased to announce that Bob Van Fleet has joined the board of directors for Chico Housing Action Team. He has been involved as a support team member for a number of CHAT residences, and has served on a variety of CHAT planning and organizing committees. Bob worked for over 30 years serving people with disabilities in Regional Center and Mental Health systems in Humboldt County before moving to Chico in 2018. Bob has also previously been on the boards of several nonprofit organizations including the Private Industry Council in Eureka, the Tri-County Independent Living Center in Humboldt County, and the Making Headway Center for Brain Injury Recovery (an organization for people recovering from traumatic brain injuries), and in 2003 he was appointed by Gov Gray Davis to the California Governor's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities. Says Bob, "I hope to help CHAT continue to develop its organizational infrastructure and internal communications. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of ‘Nothing about us without us’, and I'm hoping to bring more of CHAT's residents' voices to the conversation."

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