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CHAT News - Hope Village, Strategic Planning and More

Greetings from everyone at CHAT!

We never stop creating affordable housing options for folks in Chico.

Greetings to our wonderful supporters!

Happy Summer! We're staying busy this season at CHAT. Our newest residents move into Hope Village next week, where we just had all of the furniture delivered and moved in, thanks to our CHAT team and volunteers!

Speaking of volunteers, we're looking for some people to help us out! If you're interested in volunteering (or if you're already a volunteer but have a friend who might want to join us) please sign up through our website! Feel free to call us at (530) 399-3965 if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Hope Village Update

The furniture has been delivered and moved into our six tiny homes at Hope Village! We created Hope Village with our amazing partners at Slater & Son, and are so excited for our residents to move in NEXT WEEK!

Our residents will be referred to us at CHAT from our amazing community partners, and will be supported in their finances and well-being by several generous local churches.

We've received phone calls from folks around the country congratulating us and sharing excitement about this project. This is truly our local community coming together to make a difference!

Planning for the Future

At CHAT, we're working on finalizing our latest strategic plan! It's always a good idea to regularly revisit your organization's mission and values to help shape your goals for the future.

Here's a snapshot from our board retreat in our new community room at our new office! As you can see, there's a lot of great people in that room putting their thinking caps on to help CHAT continue onward toward a bright future!

Employee Spotlight: Jericka

by Amanda Starkey, CHAT Office Manager

Here at CHAT, we like to take the time to highlight our wonderful employees and the good that they do.

My name is Amanda, and I am the Office Manager at Chico Housing Action Team. I recently sat down with Jericka, who is moving on from our Housing Now Program to further grow in her career.

It is clear to anyone who speaks with Jericka that she has a passion for helping others. Jericka has dreams of simply making a positive change through her career. She knows what a large impact she can make by being there for her clients and having faith in them.

“I really want to help people see that no matter what you go through, no matter what you've gone through, you can still become the person you always imagine yourself to be… Some people just need that extra push and that extra somebody to believe in them and to take their time and be patient.”

Jericka, everyone here at CHAT wishes you nothing but the best in your future. May your kindness and passion never falter!

CHAT Snapshot

CHAT Co-founder Bob Trausch and Jesus Center Program Director Shelly Watson share an embrace at the grand opening of The Jesus Center's Renewal Center! The Renewal Center will soon house 14 families and 30 individuals for up to six months as they make way towards permanent housing. This is an amazing accomplishment and we are so happy for them. It is much-needed for our community!

News Hits

  • Our partners at Safe Space Chico are opening their cooling center this weekend, and it'll be open through mid-August. All are welcome, including pets! This is an amazing community service. Thank you, Safe Space!

  • The Jesus Center is opening their Renewal Center to people in need, including families and seniors! Congrats to our friends at The Jesus Center! We are so excited about this service for our community.

  • Congrats to the Community Housing Improvement Program, who recently celebrated the completion of Creekside Place in Chico. Creekside Place created 100 more units of affordable housing for seniors in our community! This is incredible!

How You Can Help CHAT

You can get a delicious burrito AND give back to CHAT! On Saturday July 8th from 5pm to 9pm, 33% of your purchase at the Chipotle on 620 Mangrove Ave. in Chico will get donated to our organization.

All you have to do is tell them you're there for the CHAT fundraiser or show them this flyer. Online orders count, too! Just use the code AWDZJ4P and select pick up only. Deliveries and gift cards do not qualify.

Other ways to help: Donate, volunteer, and spread the word in our community!

Thank you!

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