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CHAT News: Year of progress, Take a plunge, Additional ways to help

We never stop creating affordable housing options for folks in Chico.

Hello, to our wonderful supporters!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've looked back with pride at the collaborative efforts our community has made to efficiently work on the issue of homelessness. In 2023, hundreds of lives were changed because of the shelter and housing opportunities provided by CHAT and our community partners. Indeed, by working together on creative ways to support individuals, meeting people "where they are" to help them reach their fullest potential, it was a year of great progress. As we head into the new year, I look forward to the opportunity to further this life-changing work by casting our net even wider to support more vulnerable populations. That includes embracing the innovative opportunity Everhart Village gives us to support a population that has extensive barriers in terms of accessing help. I'm excited for the potential that this new approach could end up being a model for other communities across the state and the nation. I look to 2024 with hope!


Nicole Drummond, CHAT executive director

A year of progress 

Grand opening, indeed: CHAT was elated to welcome supporters, sponsors, partners and the general public to Everhart Village last month during our Community Open House. It was heartening to have such a great turnout for this innovative project, a partnership between CHAT and Butte County Behavioral Health to help local individuals with mental health diagnoses who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

The 20-cabin Everhart Village is arguably the biggest project in CHAT's 10-year history. It just happens to have been completed during a banner year, a busy 365 days during which CHAT brought forward an array of housing solutions, all of which are quite notable. This includes the opening of Hope Village, another tiny house community comprising six homes. 

We're proud to be providing solutions to homelessness through permanent and transitional housing with the goal of everyone in Chico having access to stable and affordable housing. We're grateful to be one of several local service providers dedicated to helping our community. Click here to learn more about CHAT's work in 2023 in a Chico Enterprise-Record round-up of homeless solutions news that focuses on three local, women-led organizations. 

Giving back in 2024 

Take the plunge: January is the perfect time of year to dive into volunteerism, and it just so happens that CHAT is enlisting individuals who are interested in being of service to the community.

Why not make volunteerism your New Year's resolution? Giving back by contributing your time and effort to programs you value not only helps the community, it's also good for you. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic Health System, volunteerism results in significant health benefits, especially for older adults. This includes:

• A boost in physical and mental health 

• A sense of purpose 

• Increased social interaction

According to CHAT Volunteer Coordinator Sammey Zangrilli (pictured), CHAT has several volunteer

opportunities from which to choose. This includes Housing Support Volunteers, who help CHAT's residents in a variety of ways. 

Qualities CHAT values in potential volunteers: 

  • Self-motivated: Individuals who can take initiative and thrive in a dynamic environment.

  • Smart and resourceful: Quick-learners who can adapt to various situations and tasks.

  • Kind and compassionate: Volunteers with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

  • Excellent communication skills: Whether assisting with paperwork, making phone calls, or driving residents, effective communication is key. To learn more about volunteering or to sign up, visit Additional questions? No problem. Contact Sammey Zangrilli at 

Orientation Saturday

Now that you're interested in learning more about volunteering with CHAT, you're in luck. Tomorrow (Saturday, January 6) just happens to be our monthly Volunteer Orientation Day, which starts at 11 a.m. and takes place at our office (125 Mission Ranch Blvd.). Join us to learn how you can help people who are experiencing housing challenges. 

Spread the word, invite your friends, and come prepared to make a difference in our community! 

Additional ways to help

Shopping for CHAT: We've updated our Amazon wish list with items for Everhart Village, which is welcoming its first villagers this month! There are a lot of moving parts to operating a 24/7 facility on a day-to-day basis, and that includes having the supplies on hand for everything to run smoothly. 

As such, we need practical things like trash can liners and toilet bowl plungers, but we also are looking for supplies to make the village homey, including outdoor furniture. You can find everything we need, small and large, on the list linked above.   

We appreciate everyone who's made a purchase thus far, and thank you in advance to those who make additional purchases. Together, we can make Everhart Village a success!  

As always, thank you for reading our email news. Please consider forwarding this email to share CHAT's vital work with friends, colleagues, and family members who may be interested in helping further local housing solutions. 

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