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City Council Ad Hoc Committee on Homeless Solutions Meets with Housing Service Providers

On April 28th, Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge convened a special ad-hoc committee of the city council to discuss homeless solutions in light of the temporary restraining order imposed last Friday by a federal judge on the city last and the order that the city work out a solution with the plaintiffs within three weeks.

Eleven service providers were invited to the ad-hoc meeting, including Chico Housing Action Team. All the providers agreed that we need at least two non-congregate shelters like a safe campground and a Conestoga huts village, with no more than 50 people in each shelter and some dedicated case management. CHAT along with Caring Choices, Safe Space, and North State Shelter Team have offered to be the lead organization for managing a non-congregate shelter, but all the organizations agreed it would require intense collaboration with all of the organizations in town and a strong volunteer program.

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