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Employee Spotlight: Jericka

Here at CHAT, we like to take the time to highlight our wonderful employees and the good that they do.

My name is Amanda, and I am the Office Manager at Chico Housing Action Team. I recently sat down with Jericka who is moving on from our Housing Now program to further grow in her career. It is clear to anyone who speaks with Jericka that she has a passion for helping others.

Jericka has dreams of simply making a positive change through her career. She knows what a large impact she can make by being there for her clients and having faith in them. “I really want to help people see that no matter what you go through, no matter what you've gone through, you can still become the person you always imagine yourself to be… Some people just need that extra push and that extra somebody to believe in them and to take their time and be patient.”

She finds that being adaptable is key to having a good experience here at Chico Housing Action Team. “You're dealing with a lot of different people who are from various walks of life, so I feel like the ability to be open, and help is very beneficial in this role. It helped a lot with connecting with the people I was working with and building strong connections that helped foster trust.”

Through her time here at CHAT she has found that seeing her residents grow and reach their goals has been the most rewarding experience. “I love to see someone feel proud of themselves and see what they can accomplish!”

Jericka shares her favorite project that she worked on at CHAT was helping hand out the HUSH families' Easter Baskets. “Getting to pass them out and see the looks on their faces and see how happy it made the parents and how happy it made the children - that was beautiful!”

Jericka has loved working in an environment that fosters the same goal in a welcoming and healing community. “Even with even with leaving I still feel very welcomed and supported to go on about with my next adventure.”

Something she says sets CHAT apart from other similar organizations is how you’ll see people from many different walks of life working together toward our common interest: Getting people housed. “We're helping all these different populations and I feel like that sets us apart because we do so much in one organization and there are so many different branches off that create the big tree of CHAT.”

Jericka says that her work here at CHAT has been a welcome challenge and that she has learned to grow through uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. “I learned you learned the most in those types of situations so giving myself that time and patience to learn and to grow and to be patient with myself.”

Some advice that Jericka has for anyone thinking of starting out in a similar role is to be welcoming and open. “You hear so many stories - and you just see where people have come from and what they've been able to accomplish. You just have to be open to their experiences and also be patient with yourself! You have to know how to know when to take some time for yourself and when to know what is too much for you to handle. Just know it's okay to have boundaries.”

While Jericka loves the work that she does here at CHAT she recognizes that she wants to grow and help others coming out of the Foster Care system to reach their full potential. “I feel the most connected to this population as I have always worked with youth and teens and these will be young adults. I will be a transitional housing social worker for their transitional housing program. I'm very excited to get into this new position and to go work for youth for change and hopefully be a part of that change for these young adults.”

Jericka, everyone here at CHAT wishes you nothing but the best in your future. May your kindness and passion never falter.

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