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Executive Director Jennifer Spatz Resigning

We have some news to report: our new Executive Director Jennifer Spatz has resigned. Jennifer decided that she needed to return to Coos Bay, Oregon, due to family matters. She moved to Chico in June to become CHAT’s first-ever paid Executive Director. We respect Jennifer’s reasons for leaving and agree that family needs to come first. We're sad to lose Jennifer, as we found her easy to work with and very talented. She came to us with a wealth of experience around housing people who are homeless or are in danger to becoming homeless. We learned a lot from her and, in turn, we hope we gave her some ideas to bring back to Oregon. We look forward to staying in touch with her and comparing notes on our mutual efforts to assist unhoused individuals and families. CHAT is just one link in a chain of organizations throughout the country who are working on providing truly affordable housing for those most in need. We wish Jennifer all the best in her future pursuits.

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