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Sierra North Valley Realtors donating over $16,000 in materials for Everhart Village

We're so pleased to announce that the Sierra North Valley Realtors (SNVR) has donated over $16,000 in materials to help outfit the Everhart Village sleeping cabins with items including sinks, garbage disposals, water heaters, and toilets. SNVR CEO Andrew Blackburn said, “REALTORS® believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. We’re thrilled to support CHAT with this contribution so they can add another tool our community’s toolbox to address housing issues at all levels of need.” In addition to the items they've already donated, SNVR and CHAT have also organized a materials registry where REALTORS® and the public can contribute the remaining materials to complete the cabins. Donated materials are tax deductible and will be installed at Everhart Village. We are so excited to have this registry for material items donations for Everhart Village to be open to the public. Read the entire press release here. Thank you to the entire Sierra North Valley Realtors team!

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