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Young Community advocate, Lily Tao

Updated: Feb 14

Nicole Drummond CHAT Executive Director (Left) , Pianist Lily Tao (middle), Amber Benedict CHAT Social Services Director (right)
Pianist Lily Tao (middle) visits the CHAT office to drop off a donation from the memorial concert she organized for the late Dr. Robert Bowman. 

CHAT would like to extend a huge round of applause to local middle-schooler Lily Tao, who organized a concert to honor the late Dr. Robert Bowman—the renowned local music educator, accomplished musician and CHAT benefactor. Thirteen-year-old Lily did everything from inviting the participating musicians and scheduling rehearsals to performing piano and emceeing the event. 

A classically trained pianist and singer, Lily said that she was quite pleased with the turnout at the Jan. 19 event at St. John’s Episcopal Church. More than 150 people attended the recital, including relatives of Dr. Bowman coming from all over the country. Family members were also able to attend on livestream. The program included such acclaimed works as Beethoven’s Sonata Op 49 No. 2. 

Dr. Bowman and Lily performed in the same improvisational group. He was very supportive of her musicianship, including by driving her to recitals and accompanying her to various performances around Northern California. 

“Music was his everything,” Lily told CHAT. “It was his life, and I’m glad we were able to commemorate him through it.”

In addition to being passionate about music, Dr. Bowman championed affordable housing solutions, including those provided by CHAT. As such, all of the proceeds raised at the memorial concert were donated to CHAT.

Suffice to say, Dr. Bowman will be much missed and long remembered by the local music community and everyone here at CHAT. We greatly appreciate Lily’s efforts to pay tribute to him. 

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