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City Council Rejects Appeal Against Simplicity Village - We're Moving Forward

CHAT Board Members Bill Kurnizki, Charles Withuhn, Nancy Park, Bob Trausch, CHAT supporter Richard Harriman, and CHAT board member Sheldon Praiser. Photo by Karen Laslo.

Tuesday night, the Chico city council voted to reject the appeal filed by attorney Rob Berry on behalf of a neighboring business, in a 5-1 vote. We're heartened that the city council rejected the appeal but dismayed that this appeals process has dragged on so long that we will most likely not be able to get anyone housed in Simplicity Village before the winter. This area is still reeling from the Camp Fire and the utter failure of government and developers to provide affordable housing for low-income residents. We are moving forward with our plans for making Simplicity Village a reality and we urge Mr. Berry to not go forward with any other legal proceedings.

Also, in a lovely light-hearted moment, local musician and CHAT supporter Anna Meehan sang a chorus from "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" to Rob Berry and led other supporters in song. Thank you Anna! <3

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