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Let's Get Some Letters to the Editor in Support of Simplicity Village

Greetings CHAT supporters! In advance of the special city council meeting on Sept. 24th for the appeal against Simplicity Village, we're asking you to send letters to the editor of your favorite local newspapers and TV news stations, and also to Chico city council members, to express your support for letting the Simplicity Village project move forward.

It would be appropriate to mention that there is an urgent homelessness crisis in Butte County, the rental vacancy rate in Chico is less than 1%, and we need to implement real housing solutions for the un-housed as soon as possible.

You could also refer to the fact that CHAT leaders have already met twice with the owners of Payless Building Supply, the business filing the appeal, in order to address and mitigate their concerns, and we are willing to meet with them again at any time to discuss any other legitimate issues. If you are a customer of Payless Building Supply, we would also suggest sending a letter to the owner expressing your support for Simplicity Village, and your disappointment in his continued appeals against the project. We request that in all cases you keep your letters respectful, and we recommend keeping them concise so they're more likely to be read and published. Thank you so much for your continued support and we hope to see you at the special city council meeting on Sept. 24th!

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