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Statement from CHAT regarding new lawsuit against the city of Chico regarding Simplicity Village

A statement from CHAT regarding the recent lawsuit filed by Payless Building Supply owner Frank Solinsky against the city of Chico and the city planning and community director regarding several decisions to allow Simplicity Village ( ):

CHAT is grateful that Simplicity Village has a tremendous amount of support in our community. It is well understood by pretty much everybody that homelessness is a growing problem in our County, and throughout California and the nation, and that each community needs to do its part to develop some creative solutions. Tiny house villages are one solution that can really help, because they provide affordable housing for people who cannot afford to rent a place at market prices. One particularly vulnerable group is seniors who are on minimal income, and who do not have family who can help take care of them. This is the population targeted for housing in Simplicity Village, which is going to provide 33 tiny houses, with shared amenities. The City is thoroughly familiar with the Simplicity Village project, and has determined that this project is a good fit for the neighborhood. It is unfortunate one business in the neighborhood objects to the location, however this is not unusual for any sort of new development. CHAT is confident the City's decision is on solid legal ground, and will be upheld. CHAT looks forward to getting this project underway as soon as possible, and remains determined to be a good neighbor to everyone in the area, and a great example to other towns and cities of how we all can successfully reduce homelessness and improve the quality of life in our communities.

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