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Winter 2022 Newsletter Published!

Our Winter 2022 Newsletter is out with great articles about new grants, new programs, new staff, and a touching story about a CHAT resident named Stephen in our shared housing who needed to find a place of his own to get custody of his children. An excerpt from the article in the newsletter:

"Stephen’s main focus was to support his two teen -aged daughters emotionally, psychologically, educationally, and physically. To accomplish his goal, he had to find affordable housing for himself and his daughters. In September he received his Section 8 voucher and worked weekly with his counselor through Butte Behavioral Health and with his CHAT case manager, looking for housing. The date of December 22, 2021 was always on his mind; the court date he had to prove he had housing in order to be awarded custody of his daughters. "

Read more about how Stephen and CHAT worked together to get him the housing he needed in the Winter 2022 newsletter. We hope you enjoy these inside looks at how CHAT is helping folks in Chico in ways big and small.

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